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Norwegian Tunnel List

This is a list of all the tunnels on our tunnels map.

StatusRoadNameDistrictLengthLightingAlternative Route
15AllmenningstunnelenSogn og Fjordane342mYes
618GangeskartunnelenSogn og Fjordane80mNone
E134VgslidtunnelenTelemark1647mYesOver the old road.
13LausasteintunnelenHordaland681m?There is an old road around this tunnel along the lake shore.
862SteinfjordtunnelenNordland1265mYes but poorly lit
862SvarthollaNordland310mYes but poorly lit
862HestenNordland350mYes but poorly lit. No alternative route.
862SkalandtunnelenNordland1890mYes but poorly lit.A big detour to the south. Follow your map.
755SprangakslaNord Trndelag205mYes
862LangnestunnelenNordland1710m?Go over the hill by using the Langnesvegen.
64AtlanterhavstunnelenMre og Romsdal5779mYesNo alternative cyclingroute. Only connection by bus.
E6KorgfjelltunnelenNordland8530 mYesRoad 'Europaveien' over the montain.
13MyrkdalstunnelenHordaland1100mYesThe seemingly alternative route on the west-side of the tunnel is closed. From the north side immediately at the start by a chain. From the south side you cycle a part but then the road becomes worse due to previous flooding and/or rockfall. -F.C. Drost
62SkrotunnelenMre og Romsdal2310mYesThere is an old road that goes around the tunnel to the north following the edge of the fjord.
13StorehaugtunnelenSogn og Fjordane1044mYes
7FossenbrattetunnelenHordaland600mYesThere is a charming little road around the tunnel, passing a war memorial.
615Flgatunnelen Sogn og Fjordane1400mYesNone needed.
650RingsettunnelenMre og Romsdal592mYesNone.
331Srheim II - GaldanetunnelenSogn og Fjordane878mNoneNone, except to take rv55 on the other side of the fjord.
331Srheim I - Kvita Skred-tunnelenSogn og Fjordane297mNone.
78HjartstunnelenNordland1127mYesThe old road outside, it's narrow and the guard rail is gone somewhere.
78KorsnestunnelenNordland471mNone.It's possible to take your bike on a bus through Toventunnelen.
976KleivaNordland100mYesThe old road outside, however this is NOT recommended because it has no guardrail. And someplace there is a big hole that you might fall in. And you have to lift your bicycle over the guardrail and up a steep hill to get to the old road. Also there is no asphalt there, only grass.
E6MosstunelenNordland253mYesThe old E6 now called Vefsnveien over Olderskog.
4HagantunnelenAkershus2595m?Go through Slattum centre.
E6MiddagsfjelltunnelenNordland2074myesTake the bus along the E6 road with your bike or cycle Fv613.
E18EngelsheitunnelenAust-Agder250mGo via old E18 through Lillesand.
E18KvernstunnelenAust-Agder200mGo via old E18 through Lillesand.
E18SkifjelltunnelenAust-Agder1050mGo via old E18 through Lillesand.
E18SongefjelltunnelenAust-Agder340mGo via old E18 through Lillesand.
E18BrattheiatunnelenAust-Agder1500mGo via old E18 through Lillesand.
769VikatunnelenNord Trndelag600myesGo around tunnel via Gullvika and National cycle route 1C.
17FinnmotunnelenNord Trndelag230mYes
17BergsviktunnelenNord Trndelag351mPoor
E39MatrebergtunnelenHordaland1330mYesUse old road outside. Much better view as well.
E39Nipetunnelen (Gjeld)Hordaland1000mYesGoogle maps shows a road in the valley bottom but it is not known if this is passable.
E39SkrikebergtunnelenSogn og Fjordane1508mYes
1HauglandtunnelenSogn og Fjordane838mNone.
1InstefjordtunnelenSogn og Fjordane538mNone.
E39TrodaltunnelenHordaland840mYesUse the old road.
61KvalnestunnelenMre og Romsdal166mYesDrive on the old road along the water