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Attaching a headset to a Helmet

If you have normal headsets and wish to use the VOX capabilities then you well need some means of attaching the headset to your helmet. I have described below the method that I used to attach a Motorola headset to our helmets.

The headsets usually come with a head band that goes over the top of your head, if you use a helmet they will not easily fit underneath. I made up a simple attachment using a piece of thin Aluminium sheet, which can easily be moulded to fit the contours of most cycling helmets. You will need to disassemble the headset and remove the piece on the opposite side of the speaker, this should leave you with a flat stainless steel band. The Motorola headsets we have, had a convenient hole in the base of this strip close to the

Headset Template
This template is available as a pdf download.

I used this to bolt on the Aluminium T piece having first made a wrap around piece by folding up the base of the Aluminium T piece (see diagram and photo). I had to use a small aluminium spacer piece, as the hole was quite close to the speaker moulding. You could also glue the Aluminium T piece on with Araldite, as I did with the Realistic pair. If you use a bolt make sure that you use a 'Nylox' nut or 'locktite' to prevent it from working loose.

To attach the T piece to the helmet I used sticky backed adhesive Velcro, which you can buy from most haberdashery stores. It works reasonably well, has no detrimental effect on the plastic of the helmets and means that you can easily remove the headsets from the helmet when you are not using the radios.

Ear Piece assembly
Close up of the T piece attachment showing the aluminium wrapping around the moulding of the headset and the aluminium spacer.

The completed modification attached to the helmet. Due to the flexibility of the aluminium sheet you can mould the earpiece easily, to fit comfortably on your ear. We have used this system for a number of years and it worked very well. The only thing that we had to do on a couple of occaisons, was to renew the self adhesive velco on both the helmet and the headset attachments. This was due to the repeated taking off of the headsets from the helmets, the adhesive would begin to fail and the velcro would begin to peel away.