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Telemark 2 ULW - Review

Telemark 2 tent

We were drawn to this tent as I really needed a reliable strong and ultra lightweight tent to do high level solo backpacking in the Lake District and as a single person tent when cycle touring on my own without Frank. At 880 grams and being very compact the Nordisk Telemark2 seemed to fit the bill. I decided to go for the Telemark 2 rather than the Telemark 1 as for only 110 grams more you got a bigger tent which would better accommodate me and my touring gear.


Well not having had a Nordisk tent before we weren’t sure what to expect. We need not have worried, the quality of construction is second to none and the quality of the stitching is excellent throughout the tent. The 10D nylon rip stop fly sheet fabric of the outer tent is lightweight but incredibly strong and although the seams are not taped the double stitching construction used by Nordisk means they do not leak! The carbon fibre pole seems very strong and robust and is shock corded together. The bath tub floor of the inner tent is reasonably deep with taping on all the seams. The fabric used for the floor although light weight is fairly thin and if you are thinking of using it on anything other than good grass we would recommend getting the additional footprint which gives you extra protection from tears and punctures on stony ground.

The inner tent is made from a breathable nylon which being yellow gives a nice bright feeling to the tent. The door has a single top vent made up of 'No-See-Um' net to prevent the ingress of insects and it is even small enough mesh to prevent attack from the minute Scottish midge! There are two useful and handy mesh pockets near the head end for keeping valuables such as your glasses and torch ready at hand.

The pegging and guying points are very strongly constructed and the guy-lines are made from very strong lightweight Dyneema cord.


Pitching the Telemark 2 ULW is extremely quick and easy and can be easily done by one person. The carbon shock corded pole is quick to assembled and easily inserts in the continuous pole sleeve. One end of the pole is fixed into the eyelet in the tape on one side and is tensioned by bending it until it fits the the eyelet strap on the other side. Once this is done it is just a case of pegging out the 2 corner guys at each end. The tent comes with two additional guying points on the pole sleeves. In the four corners there are 4 small carbon poles in sleeves which give the tent its shape. Three of these can be removed and slotted together to use as a porch support using one one the guy lines supplied.

Nordisk's video of how to pitch the Nordisk Telemark 2


Striking the tent is also again fairly easy, all the pegs and guy lines can be removed bar the four key pegging points at the ends whilst the two guy lines are tied up. The pole can then be released from the eyelet strap and the 4 remaining pegs removed to collapse the tent. The pole is removed easily although it helps to push it through from one side rather than pulling it which can cause the pole to come apart. The outer tent, inner and footprint can easily be rolled up together which then makes it much easier to re-pitch later.

Both the footprint or the inner tent can be disconnected from the outer easily should you wish to pack them away away separately.


I have been very pleased with the performance of this tent. I have used it in heavy rain in the Lake district and it has kept me nice and dry. This is suppose to be a two person tent and I think it would be a very cosy fit for two and you would struggle to get two large sleeping mats and two people's gear in it. Having said that I can see how two people doing a mountain marathon event with minimal kit could manage just for a single night. I am 6ft 2ins and I fit in OK and my Exped LW sleeping mat fits in fine and there is still room for a rucksack or my four panniers when I am cycletouring.

Like all nylon tents in warm weather it will produce condensation under the fly sheet. There is a vent in the flysheet near the door which gives some ventilation and at the head end the bottom of the fly sheet has been cut with a curved to produce a type of vent to give a bit of further ventilation. If you are camping in deep grass you have to be careful that the grass doesn't restrict the airflow through this vent. If it is a still night and no sign of rain I would recommend leaving the flysheet door rolled back to prevent condensation build up.

If there is one little niggle with the tent (and it is not much) is the little clips that hold the inner tent and flysheet back when they are rolled up, they just are a little bit fiddly. There are however some nice touches with the tent such as the adjustable slider on the side near the door which you can use to decrease the size of the inner tent and increase the size of the awning area, which makes it much better in bad weather. Also the little magnet closure on the bottom of the flysheet zip which works well at keeping the flap closed to prevent rain entering through the zip.

Unfortunately as of yet I haven't used the tent in really strong winds, however if you look at Nordisk's wind tunnel test below you can see that it stands up to a Force 8 gale very well.

Nordisk's Telemark 2 wind tunnel test!


Having now used the Telemark 2 in mixed weather conditions in the Lake district for 8 nights I am really pleased with its performance. Although it is a very light weigh tent it is a strong durable tent that will keep you comfortable and dry all of the time. It is an ideal tent for solo backpacking or cycletouring due to its space to weight ratio, ease of pitching and small weight and pack size. If I was using it for cycle touring for more than a couple of nights I might consider a tent with a slightly bigger awning space to make it a little bit more comfortable in bad weather. It may not be the cheapest tent of its kind but you do get what you pay for and you will be rewarded with a quality product that you can rely on and if looked after it should last you years!

Nordisk Telemark 2 Footprint

Unless you are doing a mountain marathon where you really need to be weight conscientious then I would recommend the additional footprint. It does add on an extra 334g but it does give you peace of mind if you are not sure what surface you will be camping on. For some reason Nordisk use large pieces of 25mm webbing to secure the footprint. This means it doesn't attach easily to the tent and you have take more pegs to secure it. I made a modification to the footprint that got rid of the webbing and enabled the footprint to be attached to the tent which made it much easier to pitch. The modification also reduced the weight to 268g. You can see the modifications in more detail on this page.

Photos of the Telemark 2

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