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Norwegian Tunnel List

This is a list of all the tunnels on our tunnels map.

StatusRoadNameDistrictLengthLightingAlternative Route
E18SteinbjrnrdtunnelenVestfold622m?Take the Fv650.
E18FlrtunnelenVestfold880m?Take the Fv650.
E18BrekketunnelenVestfold556m?Take the Fv675.
E18BringkertunnelenVestfold1129m?Take the 315.
E18BotnetunnelenVestfold1374m?Take the 313.
E18IslandtunnelenVestfold396m?Take the 313.
E18HillestadtunnelenVestfold717m?Take the 319 and Odderudveien.
E18LkentunnelenVestfold702m?Take the 319 and Odderudveien.
E18BolstadtunnelenVestfold179m?Take the 313 via Sande.
E6IllhlliatunnelenNordland1260mYesThe old road is to the immediate side of the tunnel and is of the same length and height. We cycled this instead but there is a chance that it could be blocked with fallen trees or snow even in June, we were lucky someone had cleared a route through them, but the old road is subsiding badly in places and may not last too many more winters!
E6SkardaltunnelenTroms2265m?Go via old E6 road around tunnel on the fjord slide.
E6IsfjelltunnelenTroms3200m?Go via old E6 road around tunnel on the fjord slide.
653EiksundtunnelenMre og Romsdal7765m?An Undersea tunnel. Go via E39 and ferry Sulesund to Hareid.
55FatlatunnelenSogn og Fjordane2200mGo via the old road around the tunnel on National Cycle route 6..
E18StudeheitunnelenAust-Agder300mGo via old E18 through Lillesand.
E18LeheitunnelenAust-Agder330mGo via old E18 through Lillesand.
E18SteinstunnelenAust-Agder2211mGo via old E18 through Lillesand.
E6TennflgetNordland805mYes but poorly lit.
50VassbygdtunnelenSogn og Fjordane1058m?
E75VardtunnelenFinnmark2765mYesNo alternative route.
E39FedaheitunnelenVest-Agder1434mYesThe old road goes around through Feda town and Liknes.
44Jssinghavn IRogaland64mNone
44Jssinghavn IIRogaland245mNoneOld road runs parallel and is a series of short tunnels and galleries hacked into the side of the cliff and is a much nicer option for cycling - it has good views outwards. Downhill entrance of this is next to main tunnel entrance, uphill side joins main tunnel for the last 20m or so.
207BjorytunnelenHordaland2012m?No alternative route the ferry route discontinued when tunnel opened in 1996. The local bus operator states that they will take cycles at the driver's discretion if space permits, at child's fare.
UnclassifiedRaudbergtunnelenHordaland530 mYesNone. Walking over the mountain 400 m carrying your bike is NOT RECOMMENDED as the terrain is very steep with cliffs and thickly forested, and the path is UNMARKED.
E16HettetunnelenHordaland625mYesNone. You may take the train Stanghelle-Vaksdal-Trengereid..
E16FossmarktunnelenHordaland110mYesNone. You may take the train Stanghelle-Vaksdal-Trengereid..
E16LanghelletunnelenHordaland926 mYesNo alternative on bike, take train from Trengereid to Vaksdal
E16TrengereidtunnelenHordaland1773 mYesEither cycle Trengereid-Norheimsund-Voss or take the train Trengereid-Vaksdal-Stanghelle. Or, at your own risk, use the Raudbergtunnelen and continue to Vaksdal via the track of the old railway which is a very rough track with unlit old railway tunnels.
E39BrmlafjordtunnelenHordaland7820m?An Undersea tunnel. Go via Rv 541, ferry Buavg to Langevg.
17RdhammertunnelenNord Trndelag42mNone.
513 side roadHeia Sogn og Fjordane@240mYes but poorly lit
5SundafjelltunnelenSogn og Fjordane1883mYesNo Alternative route.
5HelgytunnelenSogn og Fjordane269mYes
616OldeidstunnelenSogn og Fjordane155mYes