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Telemark 2 - Footprint attachment modification

Telemark 2 tent

The Telemark 2 from Nordisk is an excellent tent however to achieve its super light weight it does have a very thin groundsheet, if you are concerned about the terrain that you are using your tent on particularly if it is going to be stoney or rocky you might wish to consider using a footprint.

When we received our Nordisk Telemark 2 footprint it came with 25mm wide and 300mm long webbing straps that were stitched to each of the 6 corners of the footprint. We assumed that the stitched loops at the end were for you to peg out the groundsheet and then pitch the tent over it and then use the same pegs to hold down the corner guys and the footprint straps. This seemed a bit of a faff getting every thing lined up and the correct length, you would also needed an extra 2 pegs for the corners near the poles.

Not only did the 25mm webbing straps seem to be excessive extra weight and a hassle in pitching the tent it also required you to carry 2 extra pegs.

Our solution was to unpick the stitching of the straps and sew on some small loops of thin webbing (we used the small pieces of 5mm wide tape with 'Nordisk' embroidered on it that were used to hold the card product labels on to the tent) small enough to just attach some small 50mm loops of 2mm bungee cord which we knotted with a simple overhand knot. These we found easily hooked on to the hooks that joined the inner tent to the outer tent, with the one at the porch side just clipping over the end of the tent pole end making it very easy to un-clip it if you wish to roll back the footprint in the porch area.

These modifications resulted in a weight saving from the original weight of 334g with the original straps to 268g with our solution. Not only is there a considerable weight saving but you don't have to carry the weight of 2 extra pegs. There is an additional benefit that the footprint could be left attached to the tent for easier packing and pitching.

The photos below will hopefully explain the modification in more detail.

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