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Norwegian Tunnel List

This is a list of all the tunnels on our tunnels map.

StatusRoadNameDistrictLengthLightingAlternative Route
E6MoelvtunnelenHedmark200m?Go via the local road.
2VingertunnelenHedmark114m?Go via the local road.
3ByrotunnelenHedmark85m?Go via the local road.
25LeirettunnelenHedmark85mYesGo via the local road.
E6MosoddtunnelenOppland210m?Go via the local road.
E6KlokkerhaugtunnelenOppland24m?Go via the local road.
E6 side roadSorgendaltunnelenOppland278m?Go via the local road.
4GruatunnelenOppland1390m?Go via the Fv 16 Stryken - Sand, Roa.
4RstetunnelenOppland1100m?Go via the Fv 16 Stryken - Sand, Roa.
15ByrebergtunnelenOppland520m?Go around the tunnel summer only or use the National cycle route 6 on the Fv 468.
35LunnertunnelenOppland3811m?Go to the north via Fv 23 Helleren.
213JernbanetorgetOppland261m?Go via the local road.
E16SkarettunnelenBuskerud465m?Go via the Fv155 + cycle path.
E16Nes tunnelBuskerud1276m?Go via the Fv155 + cycle path.
E18FosskolltunnelenBuskerud562m?Go via the Rv282, Lierbakkene.
E39StorsandtunnelenSr Trndelag3653m?Take the Fv800 on the fjord side.
E39ViggjatunnelenSr Trndelag2711m?Take the Fv800 on the fjord side.
E18KleivenetunnelenBuskerud553m?Go via the Rv282 + cycle path.
E134StrmsstunnelenBuskerud3750m?Go via the Rv 282 / Fv 35.
E39NausttunnelenSr Trndelag290m?Take the Fv800 on the fjord side.
23MerraskottunnelenBuskerud605m?Go via the Rv 281 and Fv11 through Stre centre.
23StampeleinstunnelenBuskerud375m?Go via the Rv 281 and Fv11 through Stre centre.
23ElgskausBuskerud2630m?Go via the Fv11 from Stre to Fv 165.
E18HanekleivtunnelenVestfold1742m?Go via the Rv 313 + 315 through Hommestrand centre.
E18LarviksportenVestfold95m?Go via the Rv 40 and Rv 303.
19Horten miljtunnelVestfold700mYesActually four options - here two: 1.Going north from sgrdstrand - follow the scenic coastal path, loose surface, partly unmarked. All the way to the Horten harbour with free for cyclists ferry connection to Moss. 2.Going north from Borre church - follow the brand new 3.5 km,s stretch opened June 22nd on top of the old railroad tracks. Enjoy the modern urban alternative for bicyclists! Both options pass by the Midgard Viking Center and the Rrestrand camping site summer only.
32Hillestad miljtunnelVestfold53m?Go via the local road.
32RnningentunnelenVestfold105m?Go via the local road.
308SlottsfjelltunnelenVestfold235m?Go through Tnsberg centre.
313HolmestrandtunnelenVestfold1862m?Go through the town centre.
315 side roadGrefsrudtunnelenVestfold130m?Go via the local road.
E18TelemarksportenTelemark270m?Go via the old E18.
E18HovettunnelenTelemark541m?Go via the old E18 using the Fv30 and Rv354 to Stathelle.
E18BrattstunnelenTelemark523m?Go via the old E18 using the Fv30 and Rv354 to Stathelle.
E18SteinbrekkatunnelenTelemark184m?Go via the old E18 using the Fv30 and Rv354 to Stathelle.
E18KjrholttunnelenTelemark2219m?Go via the old E18 using the Fv30 and Rv354 to Stathelle.
E18BambletunnelenTelemark765m?Go via the old E18 (Fv30 and Rv354) to Stathelle.
36SlttekstunnelenTelemark310mYesGo via the local road.
38KragertunnelenTelemark500m?Go via the local road.
354HgenheitunnelenTelemark621m?Go via the Fv203.
354VabakkentunnelenTelemark566m?Go via the local road.
356PorsgrunnstunnelenTelemark860m?Go via the local road.
E18GrimstadportenAust-Agder552m?Go via the Rv 420.
E18BieheiaAust-Agder149m?Go via the Rv 420.
410Havstad-KuvigaAust-Agder435m?Go via the local road.
410 side roadBldekjrtunnelenAust-Agder922m?Go via the Rv 420.
420VesterledtunnelenAust-Agder40m?Go via the local road.
E18HaumyrheitunnelenVest-Agder348m?Go via the local road.
E39Vestervegtunnelen Vest-Agder221m?Take the cycle path.
E39HanneviktunnelenVest-Agder229m?Take the cycle path.