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Cycling Video Links

Here are some Cycle touring related videos that we have found on the web which we thought might be of interest.

Cycling the Kjolur and Sprengisandur in Icelands interior from Gee Hurkmans on Vimeo.

'There are two major tracks through Icelands interior: the Kjolur and the Sprengisandur. Last July I cycled both in surprisingly good weather. It was breathtakingly beautiful!
8 days through the largest uninhabited region in Europe, with amazing views of glaciers and stretches of lava desert.
In case you want to have a go, don't wait too long: they have this huge tarmac monster that they let out every spring!
Turn up the volume! The music is appropriately from two versions of À Sprengisandur, an old Icelandic song!'

A Nostalgic look back at cycletouring in the 1950's. Tweeds, drops and very little traffic!

'From London to Rugby by train; Warwickshire by bicycle, May 1955. This British Transport Films 15-minute short is snapshot of a different England. CTC members go on group rides via a 'cyclists' special' train.'

One of 10 videos from Tim & Cindie Travis on their 7 year round the world tour, see more at their site 'Down the Road' or more on YouTube here.

'This is our first leg in Australia, bicycling through the states of South Australia and Victoria was an adventure in wildlife and ocean views. We rode along the Barossa Valley wine growing area, Murray River, Coorong National Park, Great Ocean Road, and the Otway Peninsula. So, join us on our around the world cycle tour.'

A video from 'Cycletouring TV' a set of nicely produced videos from Nigel & Sonya's eight month trip from England back to New Zealand. You can read more of their trip on their Blog.

'Part of an eight month cycle tour of Europe and Asia. This part goes from southern Poland to the northern border with Lithuania. Nigel and Sonya are currently still on the road.'

A clip about the Rallarvegen route in Norway, presented by two Norwegian women who cycle from Finse to Flåm. Although it is in Norwegian, it gives you a good idea of what cycling the Rallarvegen is all about. There are some good shots of the scenery en route, including crossing snow covered tracks.

This is a wonderful video of the school run Dutch Style! Here is the comment from the video:

"Virtually all children in this country arrive at school by bike. So do their teachers, and the parents. Wonderful cycle paths make this possible as you can see in this video of a new housing estate in Assen.

This is not "bike to school day" or any other kind of special event. It is what happens on every single day of the year. When this video was taken, the outside temperature was -2 C ( 28 F ).

This is a primary school. Secondary schools are spread much further apart and children cycle up to 20 km each way to get to them."

More info at:

A Bicycle made from cardboard

“They said it was impossible”

Izhar Gafni, originally from Kibbutz Bror Hayil in the Negev, took the most popular and widely sold vehicle in the community and decided to turn it into an entirely green private venture.

Gafni’s bicycle redefines the idea of green transportation in every way, being environmentally friendly from early stages of production all the way through creation of the final product. The bicycles are made out of recycled and used cardboard.