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Norwegian Tunnel List

This is a list of all the tunnels on our tunnels map.

StatusRoadNameDistrictLengthLightingAlternative Route
337BergaskredatunnelenSogn og Fjordane510mNone.There is a good cycling road along the lake. There is a sign to it in front of the tunnel.
337StlsnestunnelenSogn og Fjordane969mNone.There is a good cycling road along the lake. There is a sign to it in front of the tunnel.
337SvoritunnelenSogn og Fjordane170mNone.
337Merkeskreda tunnelSogn og Fjordane1537mNone.There is a good cycling road along the lake. There is a sign to it in front of the tunnel.
15ToppentunnelenTroms3986mYesNo alternative as far as I know.
15LiantunnelenTroms1774mYesThe old road outside the tunnel is now a grassy path with sheep grazing. Seems to be used as a hiking path for the locals, and is perfectly rideable. Note that the old road should be avoided during/after heavy rain, as rocks can fall down on the roadway. This is the reason the tunnel was built.
37FinneksatunnelenTelemark65mNone.It is possible to take the road down to Tinnoset station and then go around the tunnel, on the old road. Partly gravel and asfalt.
243RaubergtunnelenSogn og Fjordane120mYes
611StavangtunnelenSogn og Fjordane55mNone.
611VevringtunnelenSogn og Fjordane627mYes but poorly lit None
611GrytetunnelenSogn og Fjordane272mNone.
611RedalstunnelenSogn og Fjordane379mNone.
611HelletunnelenSogn og Fjordane428mNone.None.
611FrammarsviktunnelenSogn og Fjordane76mNone.
661Skodjevgen tunnelMre og Romsdal85mYes
659RemefjelltunnelenMre og Romsdal617mYes but poorly lit
659RemetunnelenMre og Romsdal567m Yes but poorly lit
666RausandtunnelenMre og Romsdal193mYes
715MrretunnelenSr Trndelag154mNone.
715MarienborgtunnelenSr Trndelag1300mYesUse local roads to avoid it.
715IlsviktunnelenSr Trndelag235mYes
715SkansentunnelenSr Trndelag510mYes
715SteinbergtunnelenSr Trndelag505mYes
300Ljoraskreo tunnelHordaland841mYes but poorly lit The old road and old tunnel (side of the fjord) is still usable for cyclists. No light in that tunnel.
44KleppetunnelenRogaland515mYesUse local roads or the Fv254.
435BybrutunnelenRogaland160mYesUse the cycle path that takes you up and over the bridge to Grasholmen and Slyst.
300FrodestunnelenVestfold1910mYesThe tunnel is on a toll road and is banned to cyclists use the local cycle paths.
776SkryvstadtunnelenNord Trndelag280mNone
776RisviktunnelenNord Trndelag31mNone
E39GaupstunnelenVest-Agder309mYesThis tunnel can be avoided if you follow the cycle route 1 signs. There is a marked route for cyclists around, but a lot of blogs complain that this is in bad shape! I could see from the road that it did not have asphalt. - Cecilie
E39FosselandstunnelenVest-Agder612myesGo around the tunnel via the old road. It is a bit of a detour, but nice nature. Bumpy asphalt. Little or no traffic
E39SvindlandstunnelenVest-Agder350mYesYou have to take the old road around the tunnel. It is a bit of a detour through Feda town and up to Liknes Kvindal, but nice nature.
E39LindlandtunnelenVest-Agder250mYesYou take the road around the tunnel.
E39TeistedalstunnelenVest-Agder1925mYesCycling along the Kvina river to Kvinesdal or Liknes on Google Maps. Then crossing the river and cycling down south again to Feda should do the job. Although you can also stop at the Teistedal Rasteplass and try to hitchhike with someone which worked for me.
E39VatlandstunnelenVest-Agder3184mYesFollow cycle route 1 along the Fv551.
E39tlandstunnelenVest-Agder360mYesMuch nicer route for cyclists on the side. It is marked!