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Norwegian Tunnel List

This is a list of all the tunnels on our tunnels map.

StatusRoadNameDistrictLengthLightingAlternative Route
46HamratunnelenRogaland952mYesUse old road outside.
E134NesetunnelenRogaland160mYesUse old road outside.
E134StordalstunnelenRogaland1200mYesUse old road outside.
33FalkentunnelenOppland920mYesUse old road outside.
7Lundesgrd Buskerud215mYesUse the old main road. fv177 southwest to Krderen lake and fv280 north.
7RallerudtunnelenBuskerud2780m YesUse the old main road. fv177 southwest to Krderen lake and fv280 north.
7rgenviktunnelenBuskerud3635mYesUse the old main road. fv177 southwest to Krderen lake and fv280 north.
163kerntunnelenOslo331mYesUse foot and cycleways above.
150LrentunnelenOslo1174mYesUse foot- and cycleways above.
E16Bergsundtunnelen Oppland714mYesUse old road outside which is now a foot and cycleway
13OsbergtunnelenRogaland690mYesUse the old road that runs along the lake side.
E39HarangstunnelenSor-Trondelag780mYesCyclist must exit road 39 and bypass the tunnel via the nice old road along the Peninsula
Cycle route 3 UnknownVest Agder100mNone
Cycle route 3Unknown Vest Agder200mNone
Cycle route 3MaurbaktunnelenVest Agder50mNone
Cycle route 3Unknown Vest Agder200mnone
Cycle route 3UnknownVest Agder50mNone
57SkrlandVest Agder29mNone
57NomelandVest Agder207mYes
17BangsundtunnelenNorde Trondelag169mYes
E6StorvikatunnelenFinnmark1200mYesCyclists now have to use the tunnel, the old road is not longer connected to the E6 - Stefan
Private roadMelkysundtunnelen Finnmark2316mYesNo alternative route.
94SkjholmenFinnmark697mYesUse the old road around the tunnel, but it is difficult during the winter.
E6/E10TrldaltunnelenNordland1110mYesThe old E6 road besides the tunnel, but it is not recommended due to danger of rockslides.
706StrindheimtunnelenSr Trndelag2502mYesGo via Innherredsveien.
E6MorskogstunnelenAkershus2348m / 2322m YesThe old E6 road around the tunnel.
7BjrgatunnelenHordaland1568mYesUse old road through Lussand.
609OttersteintunnelenSogn og Fjordane1953mYes
609DalsfjordtunnelenSogn og Fjordane560mYes
80RviktunnelenNordland2040mYesIf proceeding from Fauske to the south, take Fv530 for Rovik to bypass the tunnel.
44Skjringen MarieroRogaland127mYesBike path going on top of the hill.
E10HamnytunnelenNordland1461mYesThe old road route on the outside of the tunnel appears still to exist as a cycling route
E6MelsviktunnelenFinnmark2467mYesThere used to be a nice alternative route (pre-tunnel road) along coast east of tunnel. Do NOT go this way, road is cut off by huge landslide, but inadeqately marked.
990UttakleivtunnelenNordland880mYes but poorly lit.Prefer the old elevated Uttakleiveien coastroute to get blown by the colors and the scenery of the coast. Viewpoints are documented along the route by QR-scans. This route around the Veggen is not paved and somewhat rocky. Be aware off the grazing sheep and close the fences after passing through.
661 StettetunnelenMre og Romsdal420mYesThe old road around the tunnel is now a nice bicycle road. It connects via a local road with the very nice bicycle road over the historic stone bridges over Skodjestraumen.
JordalsvegenJordalstunnelenHordaland3000mYes but poorly lit.1. Old Jordalsvegen. But there are two long dark tunnels 2. Gravel road through Haugane and Brekkedalen to Stalheim
BldalsvegenBldalsvegentunnelen 1Hordaland440mNoneNone
BldalsvegenBldalsvegentunnelen 2Hordaland650mYes but poorly lit.None
Juklavatnetvegen JuklavegentunnelenHordaland70mNoneNone,
724SvoragrovatunnelenHordaland193mYes but poorly lit The road between Oldevatnet lake and the tunnel.
724Briksdaltunnelen 1 Hordaland400mNoneAn asphalt road between Oldevatnet lake and the tunnel.
E6Karistrandtunnelen Nordland257mYesThe old E6 road along with the Rombak Bridge, but it is a rockslide danger.
E6StorlikolltunnelenNordland300mYesThe old E6 along with the Rombak Bridge, but it is a rockslide danger.
E6SrkjostunnelenTroms4620mYesThe old road over the mountain.
E6NordnestunnelenTroms5736mYesThe old E6.
541SvardalstunnelenSogn og Fjordane70mNoneNone
78sentunnelen230m?Take the local road Forsmovegen.