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Norwegian Tunnel List

This is a list of all the tunnels on our tunnels map.

StatusRoadNameDistrictLengthLightingAlternative Route
E6Galteryggtunnelenstfold91m?Go via the Rv 118.
50GeiteryggtunnelenBuskerud3281m?Use the gravel road around it. This will take you past Geiteryggen cabin, which is open with service from end of June to end of September.
50VetlebotntunnelenSogn og Fjordane286mYes
50BotnatunnelenSogn og Fjordane904m?
50NesbtunnelenSogn og Fjordane2510m?
50BerdalstunnelenSogn og Fjordane4266m?
50StondalstunnelenSogn og Fjordane2246mYes but poorly lit.The alternative Fv243 Bjrgavegen is long but nice. Leads to or from Lrdal.
50Lvisberget tunnel 1Sogn og Fjordane260m?
50Langetunnelen 2Sogn og Fjordane1350m?
50Kroktunnelen 3Sogn og Fjordane270m?
50Lvisberget tunnel 4Sogn og Fjordane410m?
E6Eidettunnelenstfold860m?Go via the Rv 118.
19Mosseportenstfold293m?There are several alternative routes around this tunnel.
108Hvalertunnelenstfold3751m?Take the bus.
110St. Hansfjelletstfold158m?There are several alternative routes around this tunnel.
E6FollotunnelenAkershus903m?Go via the old E6
E6SmiehagenAkershus892m?Go via rungen.
E6NordbytunnelenAkershus3850m?Go via the R156 Ringes - Tusenfryd - Vassum.
E6RingnestunnelenAkershus335m?Use foot- and cycleway outside
E6EidsvolltunnelenAkershus1193m?Go via the old E6/ cycle path.
E16KjrbotunnelenAkershus331m?Go via the R164 in Sandvika centre.
E16HamangtunnelenAkershus342m?Go via the old Ringerik road.
E18LysakerlokketAkershus350m?Go via the old Drammen road.
23VassumtunnelenAkershus378m?Go via rungen-Horgen
23FrogntunnelenAkershus1583m?Go via rungen-Horgen
23OslofjordtunnelenAkershus7306mYesThe tunnel's total length is 7306m. The only alternative route is via Oslo or ferry from Moss to Horten.
152RikstunnelenAkershus256m?Go via the local road through Kolbotn centre.
159VittenbergtunnelenAkershus205m?Go via Strmsveien
159RlingstunnelenAkershus1800m?Go via Strmsveien
160BekkestunnelenAkershus710m?Go via Bekkestua centre.
164 side roadEvjetunnelenAkershus270mYes but poorly lit.Go via the cycle path.
166TeleplanlokketAkershus157m?Go via Lysaker centre.
174Furusmotunnelen 1Akershus72m?Go via old Gardermovei.
174Furusmotunnelen 2Akershus72m?Go via old Gardermovei
E6RyentunnelenOslo154m?Take the cycle path.
E6BrynstunnelenOslo240m?Go via the local raod/ cycle path.
862Svartholla rasoverbyggTroms125mNoneNone needed.
E18FestningtunnelenOslo1800m?Take the cycle path.
E18FramneslokketOslo121m?Take the cycle path.
150StorolokketOslo136m?Go via the local road/ cycle path.
150TsentunnelenOslo1284m?Go via the local road/ cycle path.
150SmestadtunnelenOslo501m?Go via the local road/ cycle path
150GranfosstunnelenOslo2340m?Go via the Lilleaker to Lysaker cycle path.
155LjabrudiagonalenOslo176m?Take the cycle path.
162VaterlandtunnelenOslo337m?Go via local roads.
162HammersborgtunnelenOslo225m?Go via local roads.
190VlerengtunnelenOslo831m?Take the cycle path.
190EkebergtunnelenOslo1560m?Take the cycle path.
E6SkarpsnotunnelenHedmark300m?Go via the local road.