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Norwegian Tunnel List

This is a list of all the tunnels on our tunnels map.

StatusRoadNameDistrictLengthLightingAlternative Route
632NrheimskleivtunnelenRogaland25mNone needed.
7Risnesvegen IIHordaland100mNone.None.
7Risnesvegen 4Hordaland100mNone.
7Risnesvegen 1Hordaland100mNone.
13TunsbergtunnelenHordaland4080mYesUse the old RV13 road through the valley.
7BrvenestunnelenHordaland1210m?Heading east-west, there's no signed alternative for cycles as far as I can see, but just sticking to the old fjord road which is signposted to Brve, but marked as a dead-end. It bypasses the tunnel without problems. There is a cycle-path sign at the west end of the tunnel.
858RyatunnelenTroms2675mYesNo Alternative road
103 side roadKesen?Hordaland@2500mNone.
AursjvegenAursjvegentunnelen 2Mre og Romsdal80mNone.
AursjvegenAursjvegentunnelen IMre og Romsdal230mNone.
720Gamle HjelletunnelenSogn og Fjordane45mNone.
E6TalviktunnelenFinnmark860mYesTake the old road round the tunnel. The alternative route is now signposted on both sides.
57NishammartunnelenSogn og Fjordane1800mYesTake the old road and enjoy the view of he waterfalls. Three or four lit tunnels on the old road which is signposted as the cycle route.
107JondalstunnelenHordaland10400mYesE to W fv550 around the North of Folgefonn peninsula. N to S fv49 along Hardanger Fjord.
E39HgsettunnelenMre og Romsdal750mYesYou take the old E39 along the side of the fjord. Nice and quiet, travelling west to east you are banned from the new E39 for at least 10Km.
572TorgilsbergtunellenHordaland800mYesNo viable alternate route.
Not numberedunnamedMre og Romsdal250mPoorGoing uphill there is a track to the right of the tunnel, on the descent there are no entry signs for this track, I guess it is one way. I think using the tunnel is a better option.
45GiljajuvettunnellenRogaland600mYesNone, beware of false track to left when travelling west to east.
924 Un-named tunnelsMre og RomsdalMax 200mNone
E16VangstunnelenHordaland2469mYesProbably more enjoyable to cycle through the town!
Side road off RV17Trolltunnelen 1Nordland1700mNone.None.
Side road off RV17.Trolltunnelen 2Nordland700mNone.None.
E136VgstrandstunnellenMre og Romsdal3665mYesAlternative route on the old road along the fjord.
616BortnetunnelenSogn og Fjordane4806m
616HolnestunnelenSogn og Fjordane214m?
Rv 70OppdlstrandtunnelenMre og Romsdal7430mYesThere is no alternative route other than taking the bus, but there aren't many buses.
E39KvivstunnelenMre og Romsdal - Sogn og Fjordane6563mYesNo alternative route closeby. Follow the 651. Ferry Volda-Folkestad. You have to climb 300 meters over a little mountain pass.
E39EidsnakktunnelenMre og Romsdal1627mUse the Fv41 to the west.
70EikremtunnelenMre og Romsdal1000mYesVery nice track along the old road on the outside. Comming from east: keep right, the old road is passing on top of the enterance of the tunnel. From west: cross under main road 70 and stick to the best road (taking left, slightly uphill after passing under the main road 70).
E6KfjordtunnelenFinnmark1208mYesThe old road E6, ca. 4 km
E6Tyskhaugentunnel Finnmark218m YesUse cycle route.
E6AslakheimentunnelFinnmark300mYesUse cycle route.
86BallesvikskaretTroms850mYesOn the old road over the hill and aroud the fjord. Quite a nice alternative as the road is now closed for cars but still in good condition. You get nice views from the top of the hill and I saw a lot of birdlife along the fjord, including two sea-eagles right up close.
334StyggevattunnelSogn og Fjordane300mNoneNone
side road off 53TyinvegentunnelSogn og Fjordane400mNone
13Svotunnelen Rogaland4800mYesOld road along Tysdalsvatnet, really nice!
E6Teigkamptunnelen Oppland3747m?Use the old E6 through Kvam or the quieter Fv417.
E6HundorptunnelenOppland4300m?Use the old E6
E6yertunnelenOppland3873m?Use the Fv312 along side the lake.
E16Borlaugtunnelen Sogn og Fjordane4100mYes Use the old E16.
651KrsbakktunnelenVest-Adger341m?Use the local roads in Farsund
496VikatunnelenRogaland120mNoneNo alternative.
78Tovenntunnelen Nordland10700mYes but poorly lit Road 78 by the coast and the south, adds around 30km more. But was closed when I discover the tunnel rules (May 2016)
E134Eggjatunnelen Rogaland311mYesUse old road to go around the tunnel.
47Karmytunnelen Rogaland3 tunnels combined length 9029mYesOnly alternative is to go north via Frre and Aksdal which is up to a 35km trip.
46Laudalstunnelen Rogaland174mYes
46Osmannestunnelen Rogaland312mYes