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Iceland flagMap of Icelandic tunnels

The map below shows the location of all the Icelandic tunnels that we currently know of with comments from the contributors that have cycled through them.

Each of the markers on the map below indicates a tunnel, if you click on the marker an information window will pop up.

green markerTunnels open to cyclists and considered to be OK to cycle through. Yellow markerTunnels open to cyclists but caution required. red markerTunnel closed or unsuitable for cyclists. white tunnel markerTunnel that we know of but we currently have no information on it.

Use the zoom controls to zoom in and out and use the 'Zoom Drag' button to select an area to zoom in on. You can also click and drag the map.

If you would like to contribute information on a Icelandic tunnel you have cycled through, please fill in our form here to have it included on this map.

If you would like to view the map to the full size of your screen please use this version here.

Icelandic Tunnel Database

The Icelandic Tunnel map runs from a database which we have put together with the grateful help of the contributors mentioned below.

You can search the database for tunnels by road number on our tunnels search page.

You can also see a complete listing of the tunnels on the database here. If you want to print off the database listings in order to take it with you there is a printer friendly listing here.

Icelandic Tunnel POI file

The Icelandic Tunnel map database is also available as a POI (points of interest) fileć which can easily be loaded into a Garmin GPS as a Custom POI file. You will need to use the Garmin POI Loader software available here.

gps tunnel map imageThere are several databases in the Tunnel map POI file that correspond to the traffic light colour scheme used to denote the type of tunnel.

gps tunnel map comment imageEach tunnel has a basic description of the tunnel.

It uses the format [name]. [road no.], [tunnel length], [open or closed to cyclists], [lit or unlit], [alternative route.}.

The Tunnel map POI file is available for download as a 21Kb zipped file (last updated on 31.10.09). To keep up to date with the changes in this file subscribe to our RSS feed as any changes will be notified there.

Download image

ćWe have only tested these files on a Garmin gps but as the files are in gpx format they could be imported into other mapping software and will then probably work with other makes of gps. You may loose the custom icons but the descriptions should be intact. Please let us know if you have any success with these files on other makes of gps -.

Contributors to our Icelandic Tunnels Database:

Olaf Schultz

Brian & Karen





*Please note that this map, database and associated files are for guidance only to help someone in planning a tour in Iceland, we hope that the information supplied by the contributors is given in good faith, however we as owners of this site cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies in the information contained on the map, database and associated files.