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Norwegian Tunnel List

This is a list of all the tunnels on our tunnels map.

StatusRoadNameDistrictLengthLightingAlternative Route
17StorvikskartunnelenNordland3100mYesNot necessary to go through this tunnel as you can take old asphalt route over mountain pass, see also Google Maps. Travelling east, only the first 100m left of tunnel and the final 100m arriving at Storvikvatnet is grass road. Nice views on Sorvika and Srfjorden. Descent via Fv475 to Fv17.
830GrnnlifjelltunnelenNordland2811mYes but poorly lit.
830HrskoltentunnelenNordland2425mYes but poorly lit.
830SjnstfjelltunnelenNordland2827mYes but poorly lit.
835SteigentunnelenNordland8079 mpoor.
E69SkarvbergettunnelenFinnmark3kmPoorly lit.None.
E69NordkapptunnelenFinnmark6900m?The ferry from Kfjord to Honningsvg no longer runs, your only alternative is the Hurtigruten ferry into Honningsvg.
E69HonningsvgtunnelenFinnmark4.5 KmYes
E6FagernestunnelenNordland2069mYesUse Havnegata alongside the side of the fjord.
E10NappstraumtunnelenNordland1776mYesThere is a once a day ferry boat service - Nusfjord to Ballstad. From Ballstad to Nusford at 11a.m., return at 12 noon. Ring Kraemmervika on +47 76 06 09 20. - Ron Gutteridge. The ferry now has a website where you can make a booking
E39MannsfjelltunnelenSr Trndelag1670m?Take the Fv800 on the fjord side.
E39BuviktunnelenSr Trndelag160m?Take the Fv800 on the fjord side.
E39BrekktunnelenSr Trndelag1201m?Take the Fv800 on the fjord side.
E39UfretunnelenHordaland610mYesUse the cycle that takes you around the tunnel.
863KvalsundtunnelenNordland1650mYes but poorly lit There is no alternative route
862FlyplasstunnelenTroms118mYesNo alternative route
862GeitskartunnelenNordland2147mGood lights.No alternative route.
E10SrdalstunnelenNordland6338m?See the Additional Info link.
E10RamsviktunnelenNordland404mYesThe old road has been converted into a joint cycleway/pedestrian route and is the same length and runs more or less at the same height. Note that when you start the tunnel at the southern end, there is a short sharp and nasty incline that has soft gravel at the top. A bit difficult with a laden bike.
E10FjsdalentunnelenNordland1641mYesTake the old road along the seashore.
E10SeljelitunnelenNordland1070mYesThe old road has been converted into a joint cycleway/pedestrian route and is the same length and runs more or less at the same height. Note that when you start the tunnel at the northern end, you will need to go into the car park to get to the cycleway/old road.
E10IngelsfjordtunnelenNordland1260m?See the Additional Info link.
E10StortunnelenNordland210m?See the Additional Info link.
E10RaftsundtunnelenNordland1570m?See the Additional Info link.
E10MyrlandstunnelenNordland1966m?The only alternative is the Fiskbol-Melbu ferry, which most cycle tourists doing a N-S route through the islands will take.
E18BjrgetunnelenVestfold169mYesThis part of the E18 is Motorway use other roads.
E18Svartdal miljtunnelVestfold60mYesThis part of the E18 is Motorway use other roads.
E18RdbltunnelenVestfold160m?This part of the E18 is Motorway use other roads.
E18BrursenAust-Agder176mYes but poorly lit.Use Fv10 and Fv11 as alternative route.
E12UmskartunnelenNordland3670mYesThe old road still exists as an up and over which is 6km instead of 3.8km.
281FrafjordtunnelenRogaland3812mYesThe apparent alternative route namely the FV281 or Giljastlveien is closed to all traffic after 5.5km from the south-western approach. Having intended to take the alternative route as suggested by Google Maps from the south west to get to Mnafossen, I was met by the barrier as per photograph on the More Info page. After cycling a 5.5 km uphill trek. There was a cul-de-sac sign at the start of the Giljastlveien road SW side but with no indication as to how long the road carried on for. According to the locals I met on the day 2019-04-18, rocks have been falling onto the Gilastlveien road and there is no intention to re-open the road due to lack of use.
882ksfjordtunnelenFinnmark4252mYesNo alternative.
E18SrlandsportenAust-Agder115mYes but poorly lit.
E18BaneheitunnelenVest-Agder785m?Take local roads and the 471 through Kristiansand.
E18OddernestunnelenVest-Agder1049m?Take local roads and the 471 through Kristiansand.
E18Gulli miljtunnelVestfold322m?Take the Fv650 and 308.
E18HemtunnelenVestfold962m?Take the Fv650.