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Nappstraumtunnelen - Additional information

Inside the Nappstraumtunnelen

Inside the Nappstraumtunnelen - photo by John C.

Comment: My advice when descending is not to use the little pedestrian payment on the North side of the tunnel. You will be travelling at speed perhaps over 60km/h. There may be pedestrian or other cyclists coming the other way (it's very narrow). In addition, If you loose control you could veer off into on coming traffic (West to East direction). I would descend on the road and then jump on the side walk when climbing back out. Contributor: MatthewNorway 06/24/2020 

Comment: This tunnel is rather steep down and up and not very pleasing but I did it by using the pavement wich is OK in Norway if you adapt to pedestrians. Then it is OK. Contributor: Cyklist 10/10/2017

Comment: This tunnel is indeed more dangerous than others in wet conditions, since the road there is concrete instead of asphalt, and it's much more slippery. Had we not been warned by this website, an accident would have been quite likely. Contributor: Grigory Mazurchik 10/08/2017

Comments : The difficulties of this tunnel have been overstated. It should be Green. The wet conditions reported are transitory, everything was perfectly dry when we did it recently. The lighting is fine, a pavement to the side keeps you away from the traffic, see photo. it is fully lined so no loose rocks along the edge, We did not find it busy. It is used by many hundreds of cycle tourers every year without a problem. Apart from the fact that it descends and climbs again it is much the same as many other easy green norwegian tunnels. Contributor: - John C

Comment: We took the ferry, which was great and far better than any tunnel could ever be. We rode south to the town of Nusjford having phoned the day before, can't remember the number. A syndicate of locals have bought a fishing boat and run it back and forth at €30 per head, need a minimum of four. A great experience, very interesting. Not sure where we found the number to phone, think we found from a German rider. Captain Knut speaks very good English. Recommended. - July 2016 Contributor: Martin Brice

Comment: There is a once a day ferry boat service - Nusfjord to Ballstad. From Ballstad to Nusford at 11a.m., return at 12 noon. Ring Kraemmervika on +47 76 06 09 20. Contributor: Ron Gutteridge

Comment: Well lit but slippery in places, this tunnel demands care because it is deep and long. It connects the two islands of Flakstadøya and Vestvågøya and carries a fair amount of traffic. It is easy to pick up speed on the descent and lose control on the slime at the bottom, out of our group of eight we had three go down there! Contributor: Jerry webb

Comment: There is a side walk on the north side inside the tunnel. So as not to be with the traffic. Contributor: - Dany

Comment: The alternative ferry from Ballstad to Nusfjord now has a website now Contributor: Michael E