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KEP-800S Lightweight 'around-the-head' headset - Review

imageDue to the disadvantages of the VOX system on PMR radios with the mics picking up road traffic noise and your partners heavy breathing an alternative to VOX is the 'Press to Talk' system. It isn't practical to use the PTT buttons on the radios themselves. An alternative is the KEP-800S Lightweight 'around-the-head' headset available from Nationwide Radio Supplies.

We have found this to be a much better system than the VOX, as the headset includes a waterproof "Press to Talk' button which attaches by a velcro strap to the handle bars. The whole system has more wires than the VOX heaset sytem but is worth it from the advantages explained above. The headset fits on the head like a reverse pair of spectacles, is quite comfortable when worn with cycling glasses the whole thing is well made with good quality connectors.

As a alternative to the VOX system this headset works well the only disadvantage is that there are wires to connect and reconnect each time you get on and off your bike.

The headset clips over the ears like
a reverse pair of spectacles.

The radio is kept in our Ortlieb barbag
which keeps it nice and dry.

The clip that holds the head set on to clothing and
the connector to disconnect the headset from the bike.

The PTT button is quite easy to
position and operate.

These headsets will fit most makes of PMR radio with the twin headset connector.