List of Icelandic Tunnels from

StatusDistrictNameRoad No.LengthOpenlightsAlternative RouteComments
Hvalfjarðargöng15770mNoTake the 47 around Hvalfjörður. A 62 km detour, potentially a day's ride for some cyclists, with only one petrol station (with hot food but not much else) along the way. (Brian and Karen)Follow the undulating coastal way 47 of the Hvalfjördur. Beautiful landscape. The 520-507 offers very nice landscape, but long, undulating and sometimes steep gravelroads. The Traffic on the 1 north of Akrafjall was not reported problematic.
Vestfjarðagöng60 and 659113mYesYesThere is the unmaintained old road, which is a steep gravel road over the Breiðadalsheiði. The current condition of this road is unknown.The tunnel has three branches with a T intersection in the middle, with a total length of 9113m. The North - South route is about 6km, with the gradient uphill from the North. The south branch is single lane, which is sometimes narrow but there are regular passing places approximately every 300m. Priority is to traffic heading north.
Múlagöng823400mYesYesnone.A fairly well lit tunnel, although some caution is required as it is single lane with passing places. You will need good lights and reflectors so that you can be seen by oncoming and following traffic. Priority is to traffic coming from Ólafsfjörður.
Strákagöng76800mYesYesNo comments as yet. If you have cycled this tunnel and would like to add your comments, please fill in our add tunnel information form.
Arnardalshamar6130mYesNoA very short tunnel on a quiet road. Look for sea birds nesting above the tunnel entrance.
Oddskarðsgöng92640mYes?Via new tunnel, Norðfjarðargöng, on route 92 northwest of Eskifjörður. This tunnel is now permanently closed after the opening of the new tunnel, Norðfjarðargöng, in September 2017
Almannaskarð11308mYesWide and well lit. The gradient is uphill from the south.
Héðinsfjarðargöng-I82@6910m?Under Construction. Due to open mid 2010.
Héðinsfjarðargöng-II823650mUnder Construction. Due to open mid 2010.
Fáskrúðsfjarðargöng965850mYesYesRoute 955 around the Vattarnes peninsula. Much of this route is gravel road. Well lit two lane carriageway with a smooth road surface. Uphill from both sides to the centre of the tunnel.
Óshlíðargöng6305100mYes?The coastal road should still be open in the summer.No comments as yet. If you have cycled through this tunnel please fill in our tunnel form.
Norðfjarðargöng827900mYesYesNone viable except perhaps route 9549 in July and August when snow has melted. A well lit two lane carriageway with a smooth road surface. Rises for 5km from SW entrance before gently dropping for remaining 3km.