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Norway flagMap of Norwegian tunnels

TunnelThere are over 1000 road tunnels in Norway (we currently have 1260 marked on our map). As Norway improves it's road system there are more opening each year.

Some tunnels are often long (up to 24km), narrow and many are unlit. In one tunnel it was so dark even with reasonable lights and a head torch I got quite disorientated especially after being blinded by the lights of the on coming traffic and this coupled with the traffic noise which seems to be magnified 10 times this can make for a quite scary experience and not for the inexperienced rider!

Some of the tunnels are prohibited for cyclists by the Statens vegvesen the Norwegian roads authority due to various reasons, the amount of heavy traffic on the road, the length of the tunnel or the potential to fill with carbon monoxide from vehicle fumes due to poor ventilation. Please do not cycle through prohibited tunnels, the fines for doing so are very high. They have CCTV in the tunnels and if a cyclist is spotted in a tunnel the police will close a tunnel to traffic which will lead to delayed traffic and extra work for the emergency services.

A lot of the newer tunnels are an improvement to the old road and quite often the old road is the alternative route for cyclists which can be a nice respite from the traffic and usually much more scenic than the tunnel, although it might be a slightly longer route.

Some tunnels have 'Syklist i tunnel' warning lights outside to warn vehicles that there are cyclists in the tunnel. Look out for them and remember to push the button to activate them!

Please read the alternative route descriptions carefully as some alternative routes to the banned red tunnels are the old road that may go over the mountain and these may be blocked by snow in winter and may still be blocked by snow even in June!

However not all the tunnels need caution to ride through. The map below shows the location of the Norwegian tunnels that we know of that are banned to cyclists. It also shows the tunnels that are open to cyclists with comments from the contributors that have cycled through them.

Each of the markers on the map below indicates a tunnel, if you click on the marker
an information window will pop up. Some of the tunnels have photos and if you click on the thumbnail image a larger photo will appear in a separate window.

green tunnelTunnels open to cyclists and considered to be OK to cycle through. Yellow tunnelTunnels open to cyclists but caution required. red tunnelTunnels officially prohibited to cyclists by the Statens vegvesen that does not have an alternative route. white tunnel markerTunnels that we know of but we currently have no information on it.
alternative road routeTunnels officially prohibited to cyclists by the Statens vegvesen that has an alternative road route. alternative route using a busTunnels officially prohibited to cyclists by the Statens vegvesen that has an alternative route using a bus. alternative route using a ferryTunnels officially prohibited to cyclists by the Statens vegvesen that has an alternative route using a ferry. alternative route using a ferryTunnels officially prohibited to cyclists by the Statens vegvesen that has an alternative route using a train.
Contributing to the Tunnel Map

If you have additional information about any tunnels then please complete one of the following forms :

Tunnel comment form
For additional comments
on tunnels that are
already on the map.
New Tunnel form
For reporting new
tunnels that are not
on the map.

Watch our HD Video which shows how to get the best out of the tunnel map including 'Street view' where you can virtually cycle through the tunnels.

If you would like to view the map to the full size of your screen please use this version here.

If you want to use the tunnel map whilst you are in Norway on tour you might find it useful to use this version here which will center the map on your smartphone or tablet to your current location. You will need to click OK to allow the map to use your current location.

Norwegian Tunnel Database

The Norwegian Tunnel map runs from a database which we have put together with the grateful help of the contributors mentioned below.

You can search the database for tunnels by road number on this search page.

You can search the database for tunnels by tunnel type on this search page.

The Tunnel database was last updated: 15.07.2024

Norwegian Tunnel POI file

The Norwegian Tunnel map database is also available as a POI (points of interest) fileć which can easily be loaded into a Garmin GPS as a Custom POI file. You will need to use the Garmin POI Loader software available here.

gps tunnel map imageThere are several databases in the Tunnel map POI file that correspond to the traffic light colour scheme used to denote the type of tunnel.

gps tunnel map comment imageEach tunnel has a basic description of the tunnel.

It uses the format [name]. [road no.], [tunnel length], [open or closed to cyclists], [lit or unlit], [Comment], [alt. route].

The Tunnel map POI file is available as a zipped file. Inside the zipped file you will find the POI files in 2 formats csv and gpx depending on what format your GPS uses. Should you wish to have a copy of the POI files for your own personal use to load onto a GPS please contact us

ćWe have successfully loaded these POI files onto a Garmin gps but as the files are in gpx and csv format they could be imported into other mapping software and they will probably work with other makes of gps. Due to the Norwegian characters used in some the tunnel names you may find that once imported you may loose some or part of the tunnel names but you should find that the descriptions should be intact. Please let us know if you have any success or problems with these files on other makes of gps, please contact -

Locus Pro Logo

If you have an Android phone or tablet with the mapping app 'Locus Pro' installed you can import the tunnel map POI files to view the tunnels on the map screen. We have created a separate set of icons to use with Locus Pro. Once you have downloaded the zip file you will need to use a file manager app such as 'ES File Explorer' to move the zip file to the 'icons' folder in the 'Locus' folder on your phone or tablet. You can find a step by step explanation on how to do this on our 'Installing the Tunnels POI files onto Locus Map' page.

Download image
Locus Pro Tunnel icons Download

Norwegian Tunnel Map Data pdfNorwegian Tunnel ebook file

The Norwegian Tunnel Map data is now available as an ebook file which you should be able to load into most ebook readers. This could be useful to anyone who takes an ebook reader with them on tour as you will be able to refer to the data as you plan your route each day.

So far we know this file will work on the following ebook readers:

  • Kindle 3
  • Kindle Fire HD
  • Kindle Paperwhite
  • Sony PRS-350

If you have successfully loaded this file on to another make or model of an ebook reader please let us know so we can add it to the list.

The ebook file is in 'pdf' format so if you have a smartphone with a 'pdf' reader app installed you should be able to read the file OK, included in the download is a version more suited to monochrome ebook readers.

The Tunnel Map Data ebook file is available for download as a 2.6Mb zipped file. In the zip file there is a colour and a black & white version. To keep up to date with the changes in this file please subscribe to our RSS feed as any changes will be notified there. (File last updated on 18.12.2022)

Tunnel Map ebook File Download

Contributors to our Norwegian Tunnels Database

Many thanks to the following:

*Brian & Karen Jerry Webb Mark Olaf Schultz Alastair Jenkins
Grelus Stan & Damae Otto Mayr SLF Lasse Meholm
Durrin Anthony Cycling Dude Cycle tour leader Andrew McGill
Liz & Bernard Norman Atkinson SatNavSaysStraightOn PAL Gunnar
Suonio Jutta Torodd Silje Kristiansen Gerrit
Jim P Markus Igor Timoshin Gu Steve Selwood
Asger Yding Nielsen meteor2017 PeterM Bernd mooncycler
L-Green Thomas.Hilde Cecilie Dick Ris Ingbj°rn
Jon Erik Berg-Hansen John C SivL Noel J Mike Watson
Dany Knut K Trygve Frank Paul Baumann
Tomberli Cristina and Alex Lars V htverlid Stavanger resident
Hans Mispelaere Tristan Bogaard F. Sanfilippo JMT Jan T
Eirik Vassenden Tina Pascal Picquot Hans van der Veeke Downhill
Laurence Boye Trond Gravem SprengeMobil Martin Brice Walter Hoogerbeets
Gudrun Martin Stefan Vanda Callum, Kate and Rachel
amichelic  Ron Gutteridge Mike 2017 Martin V  Arthur Lovell 
Eoin Robson nattetid  Kirsty Liz Ray Mundo
napau.andrei Magne Steve Thomas peellef
Dave Griffiths (Notts CTC, UK) Christoffer  BV Alexander Jansen  floma
Tromsorome Grigory Mazurchik Martin U Timberworm Stuart Lowe
Bernd B Jens Glad Balchen Junior Stein Esben Nedrebø
Etienne Håvard Cycle Tourer Karen Peter Elford
GeeWee AndreasP  Steinar Hamre Tor Havňg KLF
F.C. Drost  Sondre M. Pettersen napau.andrei Antoine Dossot Jens Glad Balchen
PiR Beni  Island_Rides chrisbuzz F.C. Drost 
Lolo Erwin - 13.000k through Norway MP Knut Røneid Baard Hermansen
Zwanet Else Emilie & Laura Cyclist Brynjar
Ingvill Elena L. Richard Erlend Bjørge Nina og Petter
Capitan Rasmus Svein Steve rhewlif
Steinar Hamre napau.andrei Øyvind MatthewNorway Guus Malenstein
M Are Bruvold Richard Mats Mikkelsen Steinar Hamre
Svein Turid Williksen Helge Nesse Morten Fyhn Amundsen  Irv
Jw  wiily Johnny Olsen William Short Johann Klubben
Joe Hobbs MartinH Laura William Anna & Robert
Rob Lee André C Jean Paul Rien Boot Kotti
Gianluca Sevä Willy jay Jonis Matthew Norway
Felltop Leo Hendriks  MusaM8 Malle  Abe
Hans-Jürgen Thoms  J.C. Apon  Nico
Nachos34 Leo Hendriks  Bast Roger Good Phillip Kaspersen
Simon R Joshua Forester Harry H Hill hal
Synne Rystad Ken Bayne Sabine Robert Bergersen Skaar  John Street
Brynjar Bakken Aarskog Clément Sartoni  Marc F.  Osh Felix Miller
Trond Solem Erwin - 13000k through Norway  Sebastian Elzapatero SdB
Haakon L  Andreas Bikepacker Just a cyclist 2wheelsgood
Kacper Mags      

* Special mention must be made to Brian and Karen of WheelBuddies for allowing us to use the tunnel information of the current banned tunnels from their web site and for providing the data in a very helpful spreadsheet format. The tunnel map would not be the same without their considerable input and encouragement.

Please note that this map, database and associated files are for guidance only to help someone in planning a tour in Norway, we hope that the information supplied by the contributors is given in good faith, however we as owners of this site cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies in the information contained on the map, database and associated files.