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Norwegian Tunnel List

This is a list of all the tunnels on our tunnels map.

StatusRoadNameDistrictLengthLightingAlternative Route
Cycle route 3Unknown Vest Agder200mnone
Cycle route 3UnknownVest Agder50mNone
Not numberedunnamed250mPoorGoing uphill there is a track to the right of the tunnel, on the descent there are no entry signs for this track, I guess it is one way. I think using the tunnel is a better option.
E39UtnestunnelenHordaland263m?Use the cycle path to go around the tunnel.
E16 (Old)UtsiktentunnelenHordaland110m?
354VabakkentunnelenTelemark566m?Go via the local road.
38VadfosstunnelenTelemark680mYesUse the old road (Sannidalsveien).
55VadheimstunnelenSogn og Fjordane1659mYes
680ValatunnelenMøre og Romsdal303mYes
658ValderøytunnelenMøre og Romsdal4222m?Take the bus from and to the airport (flybus) or the fast ferry from Valderøy to Ålesund (timetable: -> hurtigbat Hareidruta).
E7/13VallaviktunnelenHordaland7510m?Go via the Rv 572 Bruravik - Ulvik - Holven.
92VamråktunnelenSogn og Fjordane241mNone.
60VanbergtunnelenSogn og Fjordane94mNone.
E16VangstunnelenHordaland2469mYesProbably more enjoyable to cycle through the town!
E75VardøtunnelenFinnmark2765mYesNo alternative route.
520VarstadtunnelenRogaland887mYesThere is a cycle path around with some short tunnels, which are of course unlit.
50VassbygdtunnelenSogn og Fjordane1058m?
E16VassendatunnelenHordaland206mNoUse National Cycle Route 4 through Eksingedalen or catch the train between Dale and Evanger.
23VassumtunnelenAkershus378m?Go via Årungen-Horgen
162VaterlandtunnelenOslo337m?Go via local roads.
E39VatlandstunnelenVest-Agder3184mYesFollow cycle route 1 along the Fv551.
57VatnetunnelenHordaland106mYesUse local roads via Herland.
420VesterledtunnelenAust-Agder40m?Go via the local road.
E39VesterveitunnelenVest-Agder221m?Take the cycle path.
50VetlebotntunnelenSogn og Fjordane286mYes
611VevringtunnelenSogn og Fjordane627mYes but poorly lit None
E39ViggjatunnelenSør Trøndelag2711m?Take the Fv800 on the fjord side.
E39VikanestunnelenHordaland264m?Use the cycle path to go around the tunnel.
E134VikanestunnelenRogaland368mYesUse old road to go around the tunnel.
64VikanøstunnelenMøre og Romsdal60mNone.
769VikatunnelenNord Trøndelag600myesGo around tunnel via Gullvika and National cycle route 1C.
496VikatunnelenRogaland120mNoneNo alternative.
191ViketunnelenMøre og Romsdal4250mYes
64ViktunnelenMøre og Romsdal290mYes
15VindfylletunnelenSogn og Fjordane1083mYes
13Vestre VindsviktunnelenRogaland180mNone.None.
13Austre VindsviktunnelenRogaland57mNone.