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Norwegian Tunnel List

This is a list of all the tunnels on our tunnels map.

StatusRoadNameDistrictLengthLightingAlternative Route
7BjørgatunnelenHordaland1568mYesUse old road through Lussand.
E18BjørgetunnelenVestfold169mYesThis part of the E18 is Motorway use other roads.
E16BjørkhaugtunnelenHordaland558m?Go around the tunnel.
5BjørnabakktunnelenSogn og Fjordane434mYes
5BjørnsnestunnelenSogn og Fjordane288mYes
13BlakhammartunnelenHordaland220m?Go around the tunnel.
613Blaksettunnelen ISogn og Fjordane125mYes
613Blaksettunnelen IISogn og Fjordane506mYes
976BleikstunnelenNordland100mYesThe old road outside, however this is NOT recommended because it has no guardrail. And someplace there is a big hole that you might fall in. And you have to lift your bicycle over the guardrail and up a steep hill to get to the old road. Also there is no asphalt there, only grass.
650Blikshammertunnelen Møre og Romsdal1251mYes
E39BlindheimstunnelenMøre og Romsdal840mYesIt is a busy road. Tunnel is completely avoidable if you follow road through Breiveika that goes over top of tunnel. Route can be seen easily on google maps and is a nice quiet ride - Martin U.
92BlombakkeSogn og Fjordane300mNone.
159BlåkolltunnelenAkershus810m?Use local roads and cycle paths.
410 side roadBlødekjærtunnelenAust-Agder922m?Go via the Rv 420.
E16BogetunnelenHordaland2038m?Go through Vaksdal centre.
660BoggetunnelenMøre og Romsdal147mYes
E39BogstunnelenSogn og Fjordane3482mYesYou can go around this tunnel, just follow the old road around the cape.
E18BolstadtunnelenVestfold179m?Take the 313 via Sande.
E16BolstadtunnelenHordaland387mNoUse National Cycle Route 4 through Eksingedalen or catch the train between Dale and Evanger.
E16BorgundtunnelenSogn og Fjordane3053mYesThe route around on the old road (630) are lovely and very quiet.
E16Borlaugtunnelen Sogn og Fjordane4100mYes Use the old E16.
616BortnetunnelenSogn og Fjordane4806m
50BotnatunnelenSogn og Fjordane904m?
E18BotnetunnelenVestfold1374m?Take the 313.
283BragernestunnelenBuskerud3169mYesUse local roads and cycle paths.
1Brandsvaet?Sogn og Fjordane850mNone.
E6BratlitunnelenSør Trøndelag210m?Go via the old E6 Støren centre.
91BrattebakktunnelenSogn og Fjordane140mNone.
E18BrattheitunnelenAust-Agder1500mGo via old E18 through Lillesand.
E18BrattåstunnelenTelemark523m?Go via the old E18 (Fv30 and Rv354) to Stathelle.
E39Breimsfjelltunnelen ISogn og Fjordane170mYes
E39Breimsfjelltunnelen IISogn og Fjordane868mYes
15BreisvortunnelenSogn og Fjordane1382mYesThere is a cycle path around. Caution: slippery when wet!
862BreitindtunnelenTroms920mYesBig detour via 86.
862BreivikatunnelenTroms2634m?Go on the local road.
E18BreiøygardtunnelenAust-Agder25mNone.This part of the E18 is Motorway use other roads.
E18BrekketunnelenVestfold556m?Take the Fv675.
E39BrekktunnelenSør Trøndelag1201m?Take the Fv800 on the fjord side.
E16BrennetunnelenAkershus1100mYesFv 182 Ringerikseveien road runs parallel to the road that uses the tunnel.