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Norwegian Tunnel List

This is a list of all the tunnels on our tunnels map.

StatusRoadNameDistrictLengthLightingAlternative Route
78SøttartunnelenNordland770mYesThere is no alternative route nearby.
813Reinhornheia tunnelNordland478mYes
143Rishatten tunnelNordland134mYes
E6MosoddentunnelenOppland210m?Go via the local road.
E6KlokkerhaugenOppland50m?Go via the local road.
E6 side roadSorgendaltunnelenOppland278m?Go via the local road.
4GruatunnelenOppland1390m?Go via the Fv 16 Stryken - Sand, Roa.
4RøstetunnelenOppland1100m?Go via the Fv 16 Stryken - Sand, Roa.
15ByrebergtunnelenOppland520m?Go around the tunnel (summer only) or use the National cycle route 6 on the Fv 468.
35LunnertunnelenOppland3811m?Go to the north via Fv 23 Helleren.
213JernbanetorgetOppland261m?Go via the local road.
E6RyentunnelenOslo154m?Take the cycle path.
E6BrynstunnelenOslo240m?Go via the local raod/ cycle path.
E6 side roadSvartdalstunnelenOslo1391m?Go via the local raod/ cycle path.
E18FestningtunnelenOslo1800m?Take the cycle path.
E18FramnestunnelenOslo123m?Take the cycle path.
150StorotunnelenOslo136m?Go via the local road/ cycle path.
150TåsentunnelenOslo1284m?Go via the local road/ cycle path.
150SmestadtunnelenOslo501m?Go via the local road/ cycle path
150Granfosstunnelen ØstOslo1179m?Go via the Lilleaker to Lysaker cycle path.
155LjabrudiagonalenOslo176m?Take the cycle path.
162VaterlandtunnelenOslo337m?Go via local roads.
162HammersborgtunnelenOslo225m?Go via local roads.
190VålerengtunnelenOslo831m?Take the cycle path.
190EkebergtunnelenOslo1560m?Take the cycle path.
E18SjølysttunnelenOslo160mYesUse local roads and cycle paths.
E6GalteryggenØstfold100m?Go via the Rv 118.
E6EidettunnelenØstfold860m?Go via the Rv 118.
19MosseportenØstfold293m?There are several alternative routes around this tunnel.
108HvalertunnelenØstfold3751m?Take the bus.
110St. HansfjelletØstfold158m?There are several alternative routes around this tunnel.
E18Romsåstunnelen (Askimporten)Østfold1050m?Use the old E18 road.
E39TronviktunnelenRogaland202m?Use the cycle that takes you around the tunnel.
E134SkjoldaviktunnelenRogaland140m?Take the road around the tunnel.
E134FørretunnelenRogaland303mTake the road around the tunnel.
13AustråttunnelenRogaland585m?Take the road around the tunnel.
44 side roadHillevågtunnelenRogaland510m?Take the road around the tunnel.
47EidetunnelenRogaland74m?Take local road Asaldalvegen to the south to get around it.

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