Tunnel Information Help Page


We have outlined below some guidance notes that might help when filling out our Norwegian tunnel information form.

Your Full Name:

Please give us your full name so that we contact personally.

Email Address:

Please give us your email address in case we need to contact you should we need more information. All email addresses will be kept confidential and will not be passed on to third parties.

Tunnel Name & Tunnel length:

Norwegian tunnels are all named and usually have a blue sign at each entrance giving the name and length.

Road number:

The number of the Norwegian road that the tunnel is situated on.

Latitude & Longitude:

We will need this to accurately place the marker on the map. You can find the Latitude and Longitude easily by using Pierre Gorissen's very useful 'Google Maps Latitude, Longitude Popup' page. Type in the name of the town nearest the tunnel e.g. Bergen, Norway and click 'find address', this should take you to the place on the map. Use the zoom controls and click and drag the map to find the road and the tunnel location. Click on the map somewhere in the centre of the tunnel and a red marker should appear, simply copy and paste the Latitude and Longitude from the 'Coordinates' boxes.


We have decided on a 'traffic light' grading system to help others:

Green marker This would be for tunnels that are open to cyclists and considered to be OK to cycle through. They would be relatively short in length, well lit, well ventilated, a good width and relatively traffic free.

Amber marker This would be for tunnels that are open to cyclists but would need some caution to cycle through due to any of the following:

      • Un-lit tunnel with a need to use good lights to see and be seen.
      • Narrow width.
      • May include a gradient.
      • Lack of ventilation.
      • High volume of traffic.

Red MarkerThis would be for tunnels that are closed by the authorities to cyclists or a tunnel open to cyclists that was considered from experience by the contributor as un-suitable for cycling, perhaps causing them to suggest taking an alternative route.


It would be useful to know if the tunnel has lighting, many Norwegian tunnels don't have lights or are poorly lit.


Please give as much information as you can on cycling through the tunnel, however we would ask that you be succinct in order that the Info. windows are not too large.

If you have a lot of information on the tunnel or alternative routes, write a short synopsis for the Info. window and then send us the additional information in an e-mail to. We will then add a 'More info' link to the information on another page. Alternatively if you have more information on your own website let us know the url link to the page.

Alternative route:

If you know the tunnel is closed to cyclists or you consider it un-advisable to cycle through it and you know of an alternative route please enter it here.


If you have an image of the tunnel that you would like to include on the Info. window send us a .jpg or .png file toor alternatively if you have an image on your own website let us know a link url to that image.


If you would like to be acknowledged for your information please state how you wish it to be shown, it could be your name, or perhaps a nickname.

Your link:

If you have your own cycling related website that has information relevant to the tunnels page that you would like linked to your name please include the url here.

Lastly please be as accurate with your information as you can in order that fellow cyclists will find the Norwegian tunnels map page a useful resource.