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Norwegian flagOrkney Tour 2013

The Island Hopping Tour

Cycling on HarrisAfter our rather aborted cycle tour in Iceland last year where Frank unfortunately contracted costochondritis 3 weeks before we were due to leave which prevented her from cycling around Iceland, we decided that we would do a 'Stay tour' to coin a phrase and tour in the UK.

One area of the UK that we both had not ventured to were the Orkney and Shetland islands. We decided to drive up to the north of Scotland with the bikes on the back of the car and leave the car at Scrabster and catch the ferry across to Stromness. On getting on to Orkney we soon realised that there was so much to see on Orkney that we decide that we would spend our time on Orkney and leave Shetland for another year.

You can read more about our 'Island Hopping' Odyssey in our travelogue pages using the links below:

We have outlined the route that we took on the map below:

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